Truck hits Brooklyn wall memorializing traffic victims

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By Rebecca Harshbarger for the New York Post

In a bizarre case of life imitating art, a tractor-trailer plowed into a Brooklyn wall where safe-streets activists were creating a mural memorializing people killed in city vehicle crashes last year.

“We all had to jump back,” said Keegan Stephan of the group Right of Way. “He couldn’t make the turn.”

The driver didn’t call cops, struggled to free his truck for a half-hour and finally ran over barriers to free the rig. No one was hurt.

The mural featured 264 crash victims on black silhouettes mounted on a white panel.

“It’s a beautiful thing, it’s poignant,” said grieving mom Franci Benner, 66. She lost her only son, Matthew, last year in Brooklyn. “I was so blessed to have him. I really thank God that I had him for those 29 years.”

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