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Protesters Sue NYPD Over Use Of Potentially Deafening LRAD Sound Weapon

Originally published in Gothamist. On the night of December 4th, 2014, demonstrators filled the streets in protest of the grand jury’s failure to indict Daniel Pantaleo for killing Eric Garner. Anika Edrei, Shay Horse, James Craven, Keegan Stephan, and Michael Nusbaum were among the crowd, and were in range when members of the NYPD began firing a Long Range Acoustic Device, also known as an LRAD, which aims a piercing noise at anyone within its focused cone of sound.

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Protester claims cop noise cannon caused him partial hearing loss

Originally Published in the Daily News. The police department’s use of noise cannons to disperse demonstrators in an Eric Garner protest two years ago was a violation of the protesters’ federal civil rights and amounted to outright assault and battery, lawyers contend in a new federal civil rights lawsuit filed late Thursday in Manhattan.

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Eric Garner Non-Indictment Protest, Day Two

These are my tweets from the second day of protests in New York City after the non-indictment of the NYPD officer who killed #EricGarner. The NYPD was largely hands-off during the equally large protests after the non-indictment of the cop who killed Michael Brown in Ferguson, they quickly and violently cracked down on the protests over the #EricGarner non-indictment, using physical violence, pepper spray, and a Long Range Acoustic Device (LRAD), or Sound Cannon, a weapon designed for the military and capable of causing permanent deafness.

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