Stephan v. NYPD Documents

Here are all the documents relating to my Freedom of Information Request about the NYPD’s Long Range Acoustic Devices, the subsequent lawsuit over these documents and NYPD failing to comply with the Freedom of Information Law with respect to accepting and responding to request by e-mail, and the ultimate settlement:

2011.12.21 – FOIL Request

2012.04.27 – NYPD Response

2012.08.02 – Appeal

2012.09.11 – NYPD Denial of Appeal

2014.12.12 – New Request, by mail and e-mail

2014.12.12 – NYPD Refusal to Accept by E-Mail

2014.12.15 – NYPD Acknowledgment Letter

2015.03.02 – Appeal of Constructive Denial

2015.03.03 – Request for Advisory Opinion from NYS Committee on Open Government on NYPD refusal to accept FOIL requests by e-mail

2015.03.05 – NYS Committee on Open Government Opinion: NYPD must reply to FOIL requests by e-mail

2015.04.27 – NYPD Request for More Time

2015.05.18 – NYPD Denial of Claim of Constructive Denial, Request for More Time

2015.08.17 – NYPD Request for More Time

2015.10.14 – Appeal of Constructive Denial

2015.10.28 – NYPD Denial of Claim of Constructive Denial

2015.12.01 – Appeal of Constructive Denial

2015.12.03 – NYPD Denial of Request

2016.01.02 – Appeal

2016.01.11 – NYPD Acceptance of Appeal

2016.03.11 – Appeal of Constructive Denial to Appeal

2016.04.13 – Disclosure in Response to Appeal, and Denial

2016.08.11 – Petition and Complaint

2016.08.11 – Memorandum of Law

2017.06.29 – Stipulation and Order

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