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Cop’s Instagram Reveals Passion For Arresting Activists, Overtime

New York Black Lives Matter activists are angry at a Queens NYPD cop over social media posts he made, including one of a shirt that reads I Handcuff Protesters (with “OT” bolded, for overtime) and another of a meme implying he’s tempted to “pop off rounds” on his beat “like the rest of the hood rats.”

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5 Protesters Arrested for Trying to Break Past Rockefeller Tree Barricade

MIDTOWN — Five protesters were arrested at Rockefeller Plaza on Monday night when they marched through the fenced-off area near the Christmas tree, leading to a scuffle in which at least one activist was injured, according to police and protesters.

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Five Black Lives Matter Protesters Arrested At Rockefeller Center: “The NYPD Went Berserk”

Five Black Lives Matter protesters—four of them women, including a 17-year-old and an intellectual property attorney—were forcefully arrested near the north entrance to Rockefeller Plaza on Monday night, after NYPD officers erected metal barricades to disrupt their weekly People’s Monday march.

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