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Manslaughter Charge Dropped for Son Of NYPD Cop Accused of Killing Activist And Fleeing

Manhattan District Attorney Cy Vance this week dropped the manslaughter charge against the ex-con son of a well-connected NYPD family who was caught on video driving onto a sidewalk while texting before striking and killing an outspoken civil rights activist, then fleeing the scene on foot and evading police for more than two months, all while he was on parole after serving a three-year prison stint on drug charges.

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Video: NYPD Sergeant with History of Excessive Force Used Chokehold on Black Lives Matter Protester

The Civilian Complaint Review Board, the New York City agency that investigates cases of NYPD misconduct, has substantiated complaints of a police sergeant using a chokehold on a Black Lives Matter protester that I caught on video in August of last year.

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NYPD Violently Assaults Protesters, Arrests Family of Police Abuse Victims for Marching

In total, the NYPD arrested 15 people at the peaceful protest, which was held in solidarity with the #4thPrecinctShutDown in Minneapolis, where five protesters were shot by reported white supremacists earlier this week, and protests in Chicago, where videoof the horrendous police murder of Laquan McDonald was released two days ago.

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Cleveland Cops Assault, Arrest, Interrogate Peaceful Protester For Holding Tamir Rice Photo at Public Meeting

Dominique Knox was peacefully protesting the police killing of 12-year-old Tamir Rice at a Cleveland City Council meeting on Monday when he was unlawfully arrested by the Cleveland Police, the same agency that killed Tamir, who was legally playing with a pellet gun in the open-carry state of Ohio.

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UPDATED: NYPD Arrests Peaceful Protesters ‘Obstructing Car Traffic’ on Closed Street, Target Organizers Who Speak Out

New York City Black Lives Matter activists took to the streets Monday night for Jeremy McDole, a28-year-old disabled man who was shot & killed by four Wilmington Delaware police officers as he sat injured in his wheelchair last month.

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