Jaywalking Crackdown




Right of Way has released a video questioning the truthfulness of the new NYPD Commissioner William Bratton’s comments that the 78th Precinct’s recent crackdown on jaywalking was not ordered by him or his office.

The video shows Bratton speaking at a public panel one month before he took office, lauding the LAPD, where he was previously commissioner, for focusing “lots and lots of resources on traffic enforcement,” and noting that, “The one thing you don’t do in that town is jaywalk.”

“He didn’t mention whether or not you also don’t speed, fail to yield to pedestrians, or drive recklessly in LA, which are the leading causes of traffic fatalities in NYC,” says Keegan Stephan, an organizer with Right of Way.

Below this video on the group’s webpage, rightofway.org/jaywalkingcrackdown/ there are links to a tweet and an e-mail you can send to the commissioner to ask him to stop the crackdown on jaywalking and start a crackdown on deadly traffic fatalities.

“The mayor and the police commissioner have pledge to eliminate traffic fatalities in the next ten years,” added Stephan, “and they are not going to get there unless the crackdown on the crimes that are actually killing New Yorkers.”

“The vast majority of traffic fatalities are caused by speeding and failure to yield, both of which pedestrians have absolutely no ability to prevent, while pedestrian error is cited in only 7% of all deadly traffic crashes,” said Stephan. “If Bratton has different data, he needs to show it to us.”

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