Clara Heyworth Memorial

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Yesterday, Right of Way installed a memorial for Clara Heyworth at Dekalb and Vanderbilt, the spot she was killed by a drunk, unlicensed driver on July 11, 2011. Her husband, friends, and community members spoke about her life, death, and their struggle for justice since.

Jake Stevens, Clara’s husband, decried how profoundly the NYPD failed Clara and her whole community. His remarks begin at 1:28 in the video below:

Dozens of others joined to support, read poems, and remember Clara.

“Clara’s death offers a poignant window into the lives of people who lose loved ones to traffic violence and struggle for justice,” said Keegan Stephan, an organizer with Right of Way. “Even though she was killed almost 4 years ago, and her case received support from the media, politicians, and legal counsel, her family and friends have had to fight for justice every step of the way, and live with the reality that they received none.”



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