Bicycle Power To Charge Cell Phones

Originally published in The Examiner

Time’s Up! uses bicycle power to charge hurricane victims’ cells, laptops

Time's Up energy bike charging station

Laurie Mittelman

Downtown Manhattan residents left powerless byHurricane Sandy are charging their cell phones and laptops free thanks to an “energy bike” pedaled by members of Time’s Up!, a local environmental group.

Time’s Up! set up the energy bike in front of ABC No Rio Community Center, 156 Rivington Street, between Clinton and Suffolk on the Lower East side. from noon until sundown and will continue the service until Con Edison restores power to all of lower Manhattan, Keegan Stephan, one of the designers of the Time’s Up! energy bike, told today.

Volunteers pedal the Time’s Up! energy bikes to produce electricity that directly powers the charging stations. The energy bikes have helped New Yorkers without power since the first full day of the partial blackout caused by Hurricane Sandy.

“The tidal surge flooded the basement of the MoRUS museum, but we were able to use the energy bike that was on display to power the water pump and drain out the basement,” said Stephan. It was also used to power the lights and run the Time’s Up! weekly bike repair workshop yesterday, at a time when most other downtown events were canceled due to the lack of electricity.

“Time’s Up! wanted to do our part to help our neighbors in need with the resources we have available, bicycles and eager cyclists ready to pedal all day to juice up cell phones so people without power can stay connected,” said Barbara Ross, a spokeswoman for the organization.

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